Open Source, Reflections

What’s the plan, chief?

For Winter 2019, I am enrolled in the DPS911 course which requires us to select open source projects to contribute to and thus a list is needed. Since I’ve worked with an  open source Android project last semester that I got familiar with, I’ve put it on top of my list. However, for this semester, my general plan is to dive deeper into Android development and learn more about other topics that I haven’t learned yet. Thus, I selected certain open source Android projects that I feel like will help me improve my Android development skill:

  1. Travel Mate
  2. Firefox Focus for Android
  3. Simple Calendar

The first in the list has been explained by the aforementioned paragraph. However, for the next 2 ones in the list, the reason why I picked them is because they have many contributors and they’re relatively well known open source Android apps. The apps themselves are self-explanatory by their names so they don’t need much introduction.

Also, since the Android apps themselves have different intended purposes, I would also get exposure on a variety of different Android development concepts which would be helpful for my career path.

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